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Добавлен: 2015-12-07

Композиция: The Sweetest Surrender

Исполнитель: Plazma


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Текст песни:

'm on the loose and off the ground
Come on make me turn around
I'll get my feet back on the ground
If you make me turn around
They say we don't have a chance
And you don't need no new romance
Let'em get out
We've got a chance
Baby you are one and only
Deep inside
I'm feeling lonely
Love and emotions
Make me so tender
Give in to me
It's the sweetest surrender

Love and emotions
Make me so tender
Don't be afraid
It's the sweetest surrender
Yeah the sweetest surrender
Hey girl you gave my life a brandnew start
Your fascination melts my frozen heart
You make me see the sunshine endlessly
I beg you baby find your love in me

I'd love to leave this heartbreak town
Come on make me turn around
Oh babe I couldn't figure out
That you'd make me turn around
They warn you my love is fake
'Oh babe don't make a big mistake!'
Let'em get out
It's not a mistake
Babe what have you done I wonder
I see the blue and hear the thunder

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